New fanfiction: stormy Seas and love
Will and sonny
Sonny cant believe he heard Chad right.No he didnt just say that Will was the father.Not his Will. It cant be true.Will would have told him,after everything they had been through and that pinky promise. It cant be true,this cant be happening to him again.Trusting and loving someone with all his heart and being blindsided by their lies once again. Will is standing up hes yelling Its TRUE I AM THE FATHER to the baby! I am sick of the lies I am the father of Gabbys child not Nick. Sonny is standing there in shock he is looking right through Will and shaking his head slowly.Sonny runs out of the church tears springing to his eyes.Will runs after Sonny grabbing his arm turning him to face him.Sonny pleads Will Let me explain. I love you he says more than anything in the world.I couldnt lose you Sonny ! I knew you didnt want kids for a long time and I didnt want my child to go through what i did.Bouncing from house to house like a rubber ball. Sonny turns to Will trying hard to hold on to his composure but not very successfully.Will he snaps LEAVE ME alone.I hate you he yells squeezing his fists at the sides of his body.Will is watching watching Sonny in fear tears are streaming down his face.Sonnys heart breaks to see Will so sad and upset.He doesnt want Will to be afraid of him but he is so angry he wants will to hurt. Will I cant believe you lied to me. Why couldnt you trust me? I would have helped you figure out what to do. Didnt you see how much I loved you? I would have done anything to protect you from pain. I needed you ! What a fool I was .I even warned Gabby that she would have me to deal with if she hurt you, she was probably laughing behind my back at how gullible and naive i was. Isnt that a joke you hurt me more than she or anyone ever has. Will looked at Sonny it tore him up inside to see the pain he caused Sonny.His beautiful loving eyes were stormy and dark.It killed Will to see his eyes so angry and hurt. Will tried to put his arms around his strong man who was crumbling quickly right infront of bim.


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